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Second SBA Paycheck Protection Program

Metro City Bank is now open to accepting Second PPP Loan Applications. The acceptance is only open to all customers of Metro City Bank who were approved with PPP Loans during the first PPP Loan processing in 2020 by Metro City Bank. Please read the instructions below carefully to prepare and apply. When ready to submit, please send the application package to Apply 1 company at a time because multiple applications in 1 email can be overlooked.

*Please note that Metro City Bank has decided not to offer the First PPP Loan. All application packages for the First PPP Loan will not be processed.*


Documents to submit

  1. SBA Form 2483-SD (Click here to Download)
  2. PPP Eligibility Worksheet (Click here to Download)
  3. Addendum A, Affiliate List – General SBA affiliation rule is applied.
  4. Sales Reduction Documents - Copy of bank statements will not be accepted because it may not include all gross receipts or sales, it may include deposits not related from the business activity, and the Lender will not analyze your bank statements. 
    1. Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4 sales of 2019 and equivalent quarterly sales of 2020
      1. Monthly Sales Tax Report if the business files monthly sales tax or;
      2. Compiled quarterly financial statement prepared by accountant/CPA – must be certified by accountant/CPA for the accuracy or;
      3. Compiled annual financial statement prepared by account/CPA – must be certified by accountant/CPA for the accuracy
    2. If item a-ii or a-iii is not available, the Lender will accept compiled gross receipt (without expenses) prepared or certified by account/CPA.
  5. Payroll Calculation Documents - Customers may use 2019 payroll calculation data from the first PPP Loan Application.
    1. Cash Compensation (Part I)
      1. 2019 or 2020 IRS Form 940, whichever you prefer to use,
      2. 2019 or 2020 Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 IRS Form 941, or;
      3. IRS 941 of any rolling 12-month reference period, and;
    2. Cash Complensation (Part II)
      1. Quarterly State Wage Reports of the chosen reference period,
      2. Third-party payroll report, or;
      3. W-2 of each employee whose cash compensation  was over $100,000
    3. Non-cash Compensation – Only the employer contribution portion is eligible. 401K, health benefit, and/or state or local taxes paid are eligible.
  6. Single Member LLC filing taxes under Schedule C, Sole Proprietor or Independent Contractor – 2019 Schedule C and 2020 Schedule C
  7. Click to look up NAICS Code here
  8. Franchise Businesses – Gas Stations operating under jobber or fuel supply agreement, wireless retailers under master or sub-dealership agreement, and business operating under franchised business trade name are considered as “Franchised” by SBA. You must answer Question 8 “Yes” on the application and fill out the SBA Franchise Identifier Code. SBA Franchise Identifier Code can be looked up on the SBA Franchise Directory,

Sales Reduction Documents are required to submit if your PPP loan amount is over $150,000. Loans under $150,000 are not required to provide them at the time of application submission, but they will be required when you submit for the forgiveness of the second PPP loan. Therefore, our bank strongly recommends you to provide them upfront so we can verify your sales reduction correctly.

Payroll Documents are required upfront at the time of application.

Metro City Bank does not guarantee the processing or funding of your application.

When ready, please send your application documents to our secure email at:

The email address above only accepts application documents.

A Metro City Bank loan officer will promptly contact the applicant if there is more
information needed.