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Additional Services

Wire Transfers

Wiring Instructions

Incoming Wire received at the Federal Reserve Bank

To Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta:
ABA Number 061120686 Metro City Bank

For Credit To:

  • Beneficiary (Account holder name at Metro City Bank)
  • Beneficiary Account Number (Account # for account holder at Metro City Bank)
  • Metro City Bank SWIFT Code GMCBUS3A (This code is only used to send messages to/from financial institutions.)

To download a printable PDF version of our wire form please click PDF Wire Form

Cash Management Services

Focus on what matters most – your business.  With all the great cash and transaction management services available, you can run your business more effectively and efficiently. We can create a solution customized to the unique needs of your business:

ACH Services – Pay your suppliers and vendors electronically through the internet using the Automated Electronic Clearing House (ACH).  With prior written agreement you may also transfer funds between banks.

Payroll Deposits – Deposit your employees’ net pay directly into their personal accounts at any institution, allowing them faster access to their money without having to having to leave the office to go to the bank.

Please contact one of our branch offices for more information.

Remote Deposit Capture

Spend less time depositing checks and more time running your business.  With Remote Deposit Capture, you can make unlimited deposits to your business account from your home or office and save yourself the time and hassle of taking paper checks to a bank.  Please contact one of our branch offices for more information.

Telephone Banking

Call Metro’s OnCall Banking by dialing 1-888-455-4686, 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a week for automated account inquiries, and transfer funds between Metro City Bank accounts.

ATM Banking

An ATM machine is conveniently located at each of our office locations and additional ATM locations. You can check account balances, transfer funds between Metro City Bank accounts and make withdrawals with Metro City Bank’s ATM/Debit card, and your ATM/Debit card is acceptable virtually anywhere where MasterCard is accepted.

International Services

The key to a successful import or export business lies in the smooth processing of essential documents.  So, let us help you with your international banking needs. We offer the following services:

  1. Import Letter of Credit
  2. Standby Letter of Credit
  3. Export Letter of Credit
  4. Collections
    1. Import/Export Documentary (D/P)
    2. Import/Export Documentary (D/A)

Mobile Banking

Stay in control of your financials anywhere, anytime right from your mobile phone! Please contact any Customer Service representative or visit any Metro City Bank branch for more details.